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You need a branded PowerPoint template, but your traditional options are problematic.

Download a template

Finding a decent pre-built PowerPoint template that fits your brand is very hard.

Too many choices
Difficult to customize
Compromised quality
Annoying placeholders
Overly complex
Poor brand fit
Create Your Own Template

Creating a template from scratch is time-consuming with often poor results.

Complicated process
Very time-consuming
Expensive to design
Insufficient expertise
Lack of infographics
Unclear chart creation

Sharpslide is the fast and easy way to create a sleek and professional PowerPoint template that’s perfectly tailored to your brand.

Sharpslide dashboard preview of layout sectionSharpslide dashboard preview of logo sectionSharpslide dashboard preview of color scheme sectionSharpslide dashboard preview of font scheme sectionSharpslide dashboard preview of photo packs section
Easy to create.
Ready in a few minutes!
Create a fully branded ready-to-use template in just a few minutes.
Intuitive template builder!
No customization in PowerPoint required. Your template is ready when you download.
Instant template preview!
See exactly how your template looks before buying.
Easy to use.
Works the way you expect!
Adding your own content is easy because it was built with usability in mind. 
Built-in images & icons!
Everything you need to create a beautiful presentation available right out of the box!
Matching graphics & charts!
Enjoy preformatted graphics, infographics, and charts with every template. 

Sharpslide vs. other templates

Other templates
Customizing in PowerPoint can be challenging.
Either too many or too few layout options.
Impossible to preview your branding in the template.
No built-in image library, just a bunch of placeholders.
Adding and modifying content can be cumbersome.
Ugly and overly complex slide layouts and designs.
Once you purchase, you're stuck with it.
Effortless customization with our user-friendly software.
A balanced selection of layouts, avoids being overwhelmed.
Instantly see how your logo and colors look before buying.
Comes pre-built with an image library of your choice.
Built with versatility and ease-of-use as top priorities.
Features sophisticated and streamlined layouts.
Unsatisfied for any reason? Enjoy a 100% refund.
No credit card required

What makes Sharpslide superior to cheap/free templates?

docsquirl template preview imagefinvise template preview imageShay Design template preview image

Perfectly tailored to your brand when you download.

With Sharpslide you can create a PowerPoint template that's immediately tailored to your brand's aesthetic. Experience a seamless blend of design and identity, ready upon download.

Adaptable to any use case.

The magic of Sharpslide is that it can adapt to any industry and use-case. Whether you're pitching your startup, hosting a webinar or just need a company template to distribute across your organization, you can create the perfect PowerPoint template in minutes.

two men giving a presentation with a Sharpslide template slide on display between themwoman giving a presentation with a Sharpslide template slide on the screen next to hera man at his computer building a powerpoint template using a sharpslide template
sharpslide blank template slide examplea sample template with a pie graph shown

Crafted with excellence.

Sharpslide templates intelligently incorporate placeholders and master slides as intended. Enjoy unparalleled ease of customization, ensuring your presentations not only look professional but are also easy to create.

All-inclusive design toolkit.

Equipped with essential layouts, charts, image galleries, maps, infographics, team slides, and more, Sharpslide templates enable you to craft captivating presentations effortlessly, catering to every need.

a cluster of sharpslide template slides
a pattern of various iconsa mosaic of abstract architectural images

Built-in image and icon libraries (no placeholders).

Access a vast collection of high-quality images and icons directly within the template, saving you time and effort in sourcing visuals.

Trusted by Industry Leaders: See What Our Clients Have to Say

We care deeply about providing the highest level of quality and accuracy in our presentations. Sharpslide has been a key partner in creating extremely professional presentations that have allowed us to build long term trust with our partners.

David Robinson
Founder, Admiral Captial Group
David Robinson headshot

I recently used Sharpslide for a preso I had to quickly put together. What a lifesaver! They've literally thought of everything. In no time, I created a deck that was on-brand and looked like a designer did it.

Gary Hensley
CEO, Livingtree
Gary Hensley headshot

We've been using Sharpslide templates here at Storyblocks for a few years now and our presentations always look amazing as a result. Sharpslide is an absolute MUST for any organization that needs to level up their PowerPoint game.

TJ Leonard
CEO, Story Blocks
TJ leonard headshot

5 simple steps to create the perfect PowerPoint template.


Choose a layout style

Forget wading through hundreds of templates in hopes of finding just the right one. Sharpslide is all about reducing decision fatigue, and it all starts by simply choosing one of our expertly-crafted styles.


Choose a color scheme

Choose one of our modern curated color schemes or customize your own. Sharpslide can even generate a color scheme from your logo or an uploaded photo.


Upload your logo

Simply upload your logo and Sharpslide will tastefully integrate it into the design of your slides. You can even specify which slide types you want your logo to appear on.


Choose a font scheme

Tired of the same old fonts in PowerPoint? Sharpslide provides dozens of modern font schemes that will make your presentation stand out from the crowd. You also have the ability to customize your own font scheme.


Choose a photo pack

Great photography can make a big difference in a presentation, but finding great photography can be difficult and time-consuming. With photo-packs, the work is done for you. Sharpslide has dozens of curated photo packs to choose from or you can customize your own.

Free to create. Pay to download.

Choose the plan that best fits your needs.

downloads for
1 week
(One-time fee)
downloads for
1 year
(One-time fee)
downloads for
(One-time fee)
Best Value!

All plans include:

Unlimited template downloads

Gain unrestricted access to download unlimited variations of all your templates.

Limitless template customization

Enjoy the freedom to tailor every aspect of your template, from colors to fonts, making each presentation uniquely yours.

Over 100 expert-designed layouts

Choose from a vast selection of professionally designed layouts, crafted to suit any message, audience, or industry.

Comprehensive photo library

Elevate your slides with our wide-ranging collection of high-quality royalty-free images, perfect for adding visual impact to your presentations.

Extensive icon-library

Access a diverse library of icons to visually communicate your ideas, enhancing the clarity and appeal of your slides.

Expert PowerPoint Support

Benefit from dedicated PowerPoint expertise at your fingertips, ensuring you can navigate any challenge and maximize your template’s potential.

100% money-back guarantee

We're committed to providing you with the highest quality templates and an exceptional user experience. Enjoy peace of mind with our 7-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

If Sharpslide doesn't meet your expectations within 7 days of purchase, we'll refund your money in full, no questions asked. Your trust matters to us, so download your Sharpslide template risk-free today and experience the difference firsthand.

Build Your Branded
Template Now for Free!

Design and preview your personalized PowerPoint template today without entering any credit card details. Pay only when you're ready to download.
No credit card required

Many individuals, startups, SMBs, and large corporations have crafted impactful presentations with Sharpslide.

Jay Stringer headshot
Jay Stringer
Author & Speaker

I used Sharpslide to create a deck for a research study I completed. I took the presentation around the country and everywhere I went, people always commented on how phenomenal my slides were.

Michael Chasen headshot
Michael Chasen
Co-Founder, Class

As a tech startup entrepreneur I work with multiple companies to have them help put together their financing strategies and raise capital. I always recommend Sharpslide which has aided dozens of companies in raising millions of dollars.

TJ leonard headshot
TJ Leonard
CEO, Storyblocks

We’ve been using Sharpslide templates here at Storyblocks for a few years now and our presentations always look amazing as a result. Sharpslide is an absolute MUST for any organization that needs to level up their PowerPoint game.”

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